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Re-Elect Jim Randall for Olathe City Council

Jim Randall is a dedicated public servant for the citizens of Ward 2 (NW Olathe). He brings his 30+ years of international business experience in finance, strategic planning and organization effectiveness to help tackle the City’s challenges. Jim is also an elected Precinct Committee member. He actively listens to the citizens and follows THEIR lead in spending THEIR tax dollars.

Olathe citizens have consistently rated the Council as one of the best in the nation with a 96% approval rating in the 2018 Direction Finder survey. Olathe now earns a higher rating from its citizens than nearly every other city in the United States.

Jim, the City Council and the City staff have accomplished the following:

  • 95% of the citizens say Olathe is an excellent or good place to live
  • 94% of the citizens say Olathe is an excellent or good place to raise children
  • 95% of the citizens are satisfied with the overall quality of police and fire safety
  • No increase in the mill levy (real estate tax rate) in the last 25 years
  • Maintained a balanced city budget with ample reserves
  • Helped attract and revitalize an increasing number of businesses in West Olathe
  • Provided a 24 hour response time to all citizen requests
  • Added 6,000 jobs and $1.1 billion in new investments in the last four years
  • Dedicated the new Garmin Olathe Soccer Complex with nine championship fields
  • Completed major renovations to Lake Olathe
  • Opened the new state-of-the art Indian Creek Library - 3x the size of the old library
  • Planning additional downtown revitalization including offices, restaurants and a new library

Please Vote!

Advance Voting Begins October 16

In Person Voting November 5th

Committee to Elect Jim Randall
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